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Send thousands of voicemails instantly to your lists and generate an unlimited number of inbound calls for your team. With visual voicemail, a voicemail is as good as a text message.
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Are these qualified for my filters?

This system will deliver voicemails into any list of contacts you wish. Call centers use this same technique. They generate calls for $3-$10, and send them to buying companies for $30-$150. It’s easy, drop a message in the system. Load data, once the consumer hears the message, they’ll call back….the callers will be just as qualified as the leads you load in!

How do I find the leads?

You may just have your best leads at your fingertips….Many companies have leads who aren’t being called monthly. Put them in this system! Linkedin connections, cell phone contacts or previous leads are all good ideas. We can also refer you to a reputable lead provider.

How do I find the message to insert?

Once you sign up, you’ll receive example messages which have worked for other industries. You can try multiple messages, and see what works best, you are in control!

How many calls should I expect?

This is a great question, and really depends on the lead quality and messages you pair it with. If you were to use the phone book and a very nice message, you may get 100 calls for every 10,000 voicemails you inserted. If you were to use a list of previous leads you’d spoken to that number may be approximately 500 calls…..But, if you were to use your personal contacts or linked in contacts, you may get 1000 calls for every 10,000 people.

Can I add my own blacklist or suppression file?

Absolutely. We are very serious about letting people off the list who don’t want to be called! Not only do you have a built-in blacklist fire wall which updates and monitors TCPA litigators in real time, you can also upload suppression files per campaign, blacklists for your entire account, or blacklists one by one, when someone just asks to be removed from the list

Can I run multiple campaigns at once?

Currently we allow you to run infinite campaigns at no additional charge.

Do you offer SMS Services?
This technology is wayyyy better than texting!! SMS is harder to get delivery, laws are more stringent, and the litigators are fierce. Most consumers have “visual voicemail” anyway, so any voicemail can be transcribed and wll look like a text in their voicemail app!
How are we different?

Our Features

Blacklist Firewall
Free real time scrubbing against daily updated TCPA litigators, pre-litigators and people who just dont like calls. Composed of approximately 5.5 million+ squealers, screamers, complainers, professional litigators and troublemakers, we scrub this list first, before every message is sent.
True 'Server-to-Server' Delivery
Our true high quality voicemail technology inserts messages directly into digital line servers. Your platform will have a 70% delivery rate compared to the 30-40% delivery rate of most competitors systems.
Custom Script Creation
You need a marketing partner to show you how this works. We've been helping clients generate scripts that work for over a decade. We'll share what makes the competition successful.
Cell Phone Audio Converter
Easily record audio messages into your personal phone voicemail, upload into your portal, and you're set. Your portal will convert Mp3 messages, Iphone based MP4, and Android based .AMR messages for an authentic ``voicemail`` feel.
No Credit Card Required
We know investing into new marketing software can be overwhelming, no need to worry. Signing up with Hot Live Transfers doesn't require a credit card to try out our services.
Advanced Reporting
Whats wrong with my campaign? Is it my leads, my message, or my caller-ID? Our simple reports will help you put the polishing touched on your campaign.
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Only 70% of Voicemails have access lines to deliver ringless voicemails. Please try a second number if you don’t receive a voicemail within 5 minutes. Depending on carrier you may show a missed call, called a Ghost Tap

Pricing Packages

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We keep our packages simple. Sign up for a monthly plan and ask about our data partners!
Pay As You Go
  • 400 deliveries for $19
  • 800 deliveries for $30
  • 8,000 deliveries for $200
  • 40000 deliveries for $750
  • 80,000 deliveries for $1400
  • 160,000 deliveries for $2600

  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Blacklist Firewall
  • Unlimited Audio Recordings
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Contacts
Monthly Plans
  • 500 deliveries for $19 per Month
  • 1000 deliveries for $30 per Month
  • 10,000 deliveries for $200 per Month
  • 50000 deliveries for $750 per Month
  • 100,000 deliveries for $1400 per Month
  • 200,000 deliveries for $2600 per Month
  • 125% More Messages
  • Campaign Coaching
  • Campaign Scripting
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Blacklist Firewall
  • Unlimited Audio Recordings
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Need to send more messages?
  • Contact us for Custom Pricing
  • Need scripts?
  • Let us show you some voicemail scripts that convert!

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“Matt” Voice Talent

“John” Voice Talent

“Jessica” Voice Talent

Phone Call Script

Hey there this is CODY, I SAW YOU SPOKE WITH ONE OF US of us previously I’m CALLING YOU BACK…. I’m not sure if you already get this taken care of, but you spoke to someone a few months ago about getting health insurance, and your file just hit my desk. You do still qualify for our program, give me a call back when you have 5 minutes XXX-XXX-XXXX

Door Knocker Script

Hey there this is CODY, I SAW YOU SPOKE WITH ONE OF US of us previously I’m CALLING YOU BACK…as I’m giving your neighbor a quote next Tuesday on installing solar Panels, I’d love to drop by on Tuesday – or even Wednesday and  show you how I can save you some money. Give me a call back when you have 5 minutes XXX-XXX-XXXX

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What Are Ghost Taps?

Even the server-to-server method can have a “line tap” or “ghost tap” on the device if an RVM was unsuccessful. Taps can also result in a “missed call” notification, however, “taps” are NOT real phone calls or robocalls. There is no active voice channel present and the RVM has long disconnected from the servers by the time a tap occurs.“Missed Call” notifications and/or taps are the product of signaling on the carrier’s end, and not on our system’s end. We have an advanced option that will remove the delivery method which will eliminate line taps, however, it would also reduce delivery rates.